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Goodpair Socks: GoodKawan Project- Kindergarden Floweer Patterned Crew Socks - Mint (Mint Green & Pink)

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Collection Introduction
This festive season, Goodpair Socks has teamed up with Cassey Gan for a Good Kawan Project: “Kindergarden”. Painted in a plethora of effervescent colours, we intend to radiate optimism and joy through the simple task of putting on your socks in the morning. So, we welcome you to our “Kindergarden” where life’s possibilities run as far as you can imagine.

Purposely misspelled to mimic a child's comprehension (or lack thereof) for language, the two designs in the collection have been named, 'CLOOUD' and 'FLOWEER'. Clooud, as the name suggests, is a carnival of colourful puffy cloud prints in different shades and hues that allow for quirk and sophistication to come together seamlessly. Floweer, on the other hand, is a floral fantasy that playfully put together with your traditional picnic-at-the-park gingham.

Collection Story
As laughter sounds from a distant playground, you watch in reminiscence of a time that was much simpler. You gaze longingly at the sky as the clouds float by and remember how wonderful it was when you could let your imagination run free. The trees could be purple, pink, or orange and you could be a fairy with wings or a fire-breathing dragon, anything you could possibly imagine. Through this collection, we invite you to a wonderland that allows your childlike imagination to run free!

Product Information
Series: Good Kawan Project/ Cassey Gan
Collection: Kindergarden
Socks Size: One Size
Socks Height: 200mm ( Floweer ), 130 mm ( Clooud )
Origin: Designed & Made in Malaysia
Suitable for all genders
Product Features
Cushion Paddings
Cushion tabs are engineered to help decrease the impact on the soles of the feet. They also aid in reducing discomfort caused by the abrasive insides of shoes, providing the wearer with optimal comfort.

Deep Heel Pockets
The heel of the sock is made a little wider to allow for a better fit leaving you free from having to pull your socks up when you’re on-the-go.

Moisture-Wicking Properties
In Malaysia’s hot and humid climate, sweaty feet are unavoidable and keeping your feet dry requires a really Goodpair of socks. Our socks are tried and tested to provide effective ventilation, leaving your feet fresh all day.

Seamless Toe Closure
Goodpair takes comfort to the next level with hand-linked toe closures, so you don’t have to deal with nasty seams digging into your toes all day.

High density = Better comfort
Using the highest gauge of 168-needles, our terry loop socks boast high-density stitching which isn’t only beneficial for durability but also feel amazing on your feet.

Origin: Designed & Made in Malaysia
Suitable for all genders.
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