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HOLIDAY, EVERYDAY Gift Set B | 1 pair Socks ( Limited Edition )

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Gift Set B
1x pair / Holiday (Colour of your choice) or
1x pair / Sun Day (Colour of your choice)
1 x Limited Edition Packaging
About Sun DaySun Day (a play on the word Sunday) is a plush and comfy sock that harnesses the radiance of the sun from daybreak to nightfall to shield you from your Monday Blues. We designed this sock to emanate positivity so wherever you go, the sun will follow you.

About HolidayHoliday is a breathable and comfortable everyday sock with an array of colours for every personality and style, inspired by relaxing holiday locations. When worn, the “Holiday” word is no more than line patterns but if you look close enough, you’ll see it - a design idea true to our collection concept.

Product Information
Brand: Goodpair Socks x Tofu Design
Series: Good Kawan Project
Collection: Holiday, Everyday

Model: Sun Day
Colour ways: Cozy Sunbeam, Toasty Sun, Morning Glow, Nightfall
Composition: 80% Cotton, 20% Spandex

Model: Holiday
Colour ways: Mossy Path, Blue Lagoon, Lavender Field, Beach Oasis
Composition: 80% Cotton, 20% Spandex

Origin: Designed & Made in Malaysia
Suitable for all genders
all_size_SOCKS SIZE

Socks Size: One Size

Socks Measument
A. Width
B. Body Length
C. Total Length
D. Heel

Shoes Size


Product USP
Colour Choices4 colour ways, allowing you to perfectly match your outfits, style, and mood.

Elevated ComfortCrafted from refined combed cotton and performance elastane, our socks offer an elevated level of comfort. The ideal thread count ensures a luxurious feel both inside and outside the socks.

Flexible MovementOur socks feature high tension and tight elasticity, ensuring they stay securely in place during your most active moments. Experience freedom of movement and unparalleled comfort as you go about your day.

Great Moisture-wickingLiving in Malaysia with its equatorial climate, we understand the importance of breathability. Our socks are designed to keep your feet dry and well-ventilated, even in high temperatures and wet months.

Seamless Toe ClosureSay goodbye to discomfort caused by friction on the toe bones. Our socks are constructed with a seamless toe closure, providing a smooth and irritation-free experience. Just like all top-quality hosiery, Goodpair Socks boasts a handlinked toe for a truly seamless finish.
Things to take note before purchase:

  1. Each pair of socks is packaged and inspected by our team personally and carefully. If you received a defective product, please contact us immediately with photo references and we will look into your case as soon as possible.
  2. For hygiene considerations, we do not accept return or exchange if the socks are worn as they are tight-fitting clothing.
  3. There may be variations in colour between screen displays and the actual product. If you have concerns regarding colour or size, kindly inquire before buying.

Collection Concept Goodpair Socks and Tofu Design joined forces to present: Holiday, Everyday. This collection aims to turn your everyday into a holiday - a reminder to celebrate small moments despite the daily grind. Whatever your definition of holiday may be, we hope this collection brings you the same joy.

Available in two designs: “Sun Day” and “Holiday”, these socks are intended to brighten up your fit with colour ways to suit your individual style and moods. They are designed to to have an understated pop of colour, perfect for everyday wear.

May the joy of holidays and the warmth of the sun follow you.

About GoodKawan Tofu Design is a digital design studio based in Kuala Lumpur best known for their UI/UX and branding work for companies all around the world. If you’ve enjoyed their digital work, now’s your chance to experience them in a tangible way and take them along with you on your holiday adventures. They are lovers of small, simple, and honest moments - a true core philosophy that seeps into their designs.


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