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WeirdToo | Wintersweet | Odd Colour Triple Layer Crew Socks

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Collection Concept
We’re exactly the same, Imagine if this is true.

Everyone wears the same outfit, eats the same food, goes to the same places, and lives the same way. We’d dress in essentially uniforms, we’d be eating and not experiencing, and we’d share the same story.

How does that make you feel?
Now, what if it’s not the same?

Everyone wears their style, has their go-to foods, moves around different places and lives a life unlike one another. Imagine the variety of possibilities and experiences that can happen. What kind of stories could we tell one another, then?

Everybody feels kinda feel some days. But hey, that’s okay. You can be different, be weird, and be yourself.

WeirdOne/ The mismatch
Different looks, anytime, anywhere. Ready to make your life a whole lot brighter (and special).“It’s weird not to be weird” is a collaborative socks collection created by Goodpair Socks & ana tomy, come in two designs, WeirdOne & WeirdToo, both come in multiple colorways to outshine your weirdness!

Mismatch in a Creative Way Be brave to tell the world that you are different from others by wearing a pair of intentional mismatched socks. Each colorway of the socks mismatch yet complement each other in their best form.
Outstanding Texture The 96-needles gauge construct technic brings out the amazing texture of the socks.
Classic Look in a twist Inspired from classic sophisticated design in a twist. Build to match any kicks you rocking, specially your favourite dad shoes.

WeirdToo/ 3 layers madness
Because one and two are too normal. Made for individualist, free spirit, wild adventurer, or understated stylist.
“It’s weird not to be weird” is a collaborative socks collection created by Goodpair Socks & ana tomy, come in two designs, WeirdOne & WeirdToo, both come in multiple colorways to outshine your weirdness!

Layer by Layer by Layer Ever wonder how could your socks looks different from other? this could be the answer. What could be more outstanding by rocking a cute 3 layers socks to level up your socks game.


About the Kawan
Who’s anatomy? Best known for their bespoke personalised notebook, stationary and every little things that makes you, be you. They celebrate diversity and encourage individuality makes us the best ‘kawan’ to work with!



Product Information
Brand: Goodpair Socks x ana tomy
Series: Good Kawan Project
Collection: It’s weird not to be weird
Origin: Designed & Made in Malaysia
Suitable for all genders

Model: WeirdOne/ The mismatch
Colorways: Army/ Highstreet/ University/ Yammy
Materials: Combed Cotton 70%, Nylon 1%, Elastane 21%, Spandex 8%
Socks Height: 200mm

Model: WeirdToo/ 3 layers madness
Colorways: Autumn Breeze/ Battlefield/ Olives/ Wintersweet
Materials: Micro Polyester 75%, Cotton 5%, Spandex 20%
Socks Height: 200mm



Socks Size: One Size
Product USP
Color Choices 4 colorways, allowing you to perfectly match your outfits, style, and mood.

Elevated Comfort Crafted from refined combed cotton and performance elastane, our socks offer an elevated level of comfort. The ideal thread count ensures a luxurious feel both inside and outside the socks.

Flexible Movement Our socks feature high tension and tight elasticity, ensuring they stay securely in place during your most active moments. Experience freedom of movement and unparalleled comfort as you go about your day.

Great Moisture-wicking Living in Malaysia with its equatorial climate, we understand the importance of breathability. Our socks are designed to keep your feet dry and well-ventilated, even in high temperatures and wet months.

Seamless Toe Closure ( *Wired Too ) Say goodbye to discomfort caused by friction on the toe bones. Our socks are constructed with a seamless toe closure, providing a smooth and irritation-free experience. Just like all top-quality hosiery, Goodpair Socks boasts a handlinked toe for a truly seamless finish.

Things to take note before purchase
1. Each pair of socks is packaged and inspected by our team personally carefully, if you receive a defective product, please contact us immediately with photo references, we will look into your case as soon as possible.

2. Due to socks are close-fitting clothing, for hygiene considerations, we do not accept return or exchange if the socks are wore. 
3. There might be variation between screen display and the actual product. If you have concern regarding color or size, kindly inquire before buying.

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